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Dr. Traud provided sophisticated analytical and technical leadership to a data science pursuit that was integral to our company’s growth. After grasping the contours of the project, she astutely characterized the data and proposed examination methods that ultimately drove us to the answers we needed. In addition to lending her strengths as a data scientist, Dr. Traud willingly rolled up her sleeves alongside our company’s analysts to prepare the data necessary for her analysis. Dr. Traud’s deep experience as a technologist was an asset to our team and her professionalism—from contracting to project planning—made it easy to work with her. We highly recommend this company.


Dr. Traud is a data scientist in the truest sense of the word – her expertise and understanding of how to leverage data science to get results is highly uncommon. She not only has used data science to solve some of the toughest cyber security challenges, she has also developed effective algorithms for a variety of community structure and cascading effects models. She is great at truly understanding the problem at hand and identifying the key issues to solve. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for top notch data scientist to solve some of their toughest challenges.



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