Marvelous Modeling is a company that provides data consulting for projects that create a positive social impact. We believe that data science can save the world, which is why our company consults on projects that share our mission to advance social good.

Founded by Dr. Veronica Red in 2018, Marvelous Modeling provides stellar data science consulting to companies and organizations of all sizes. Some of the projects that our team has consulted on include health analytics, data visualizations, creating and maintaining database for a government entity, and creating hiring recommendations based on company data. Dr. Veronica Red has consulted with General Assembly, Socially Determined, PyDataDC, Women in Data Science, Bucknell University, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, and UNC Greensboro, among others. Review our testimonials.

Our consulting team is highly detailed, professional, and passionate about projects that align with our mission: to create a better society through impactful projects. Do you have a data science project for Marvelous Modeling? We would love to connect with you.